Saffron Rewards   |  Fly FREE* On Your Next Flight!

Introducing Saffron Rewards, a straightforward & generous loyalty program with no pre-registration required. Simply present used boarding stubs to qualify for free flights. Boarding card stubs will be exchanged on Business or Economy as per the Class of travel of the passenger for zero-fare tickets to any destination on Safi Airways route network.

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How to Qualify for Free Tickets?

The below terms and conditions will apply for redemption of the ticket/s:

  1. 7 boarding card stubs (Domestic and/or International) will be entitled to a zero air fare one way ticket to any destination on Safi Airways route network.
  2. 11 boarding stubs (domestic and/ or international) will be entitled to a zero air fare return ticket to any destination on Safi Airways route network.
  3. Class of travel will be determined by the original class of travel which reflects on the boarding stubs. A combination of class will qualify for the less class of service i.e. 6 business class stubs and 1 economy class stub will be qualify for a economy class one-way ticket.
  4. Passenger name has to be the same on all boarding stubs.
  5. Ticket validity will be to any destination on Safi Airways route network.
  6. Taxes are to be paid by the passenger at the time of issuance of the respective ticket.
  7. The original boarding stubs will be required for issuance of the ticket by Revenue and Capacity Control Department (no ticket will be issued without the original Boarding Stubs).
  8. Date of travel on the boarding stubs should be as per the campaign designated time frame (1st February 2015 - 31st January 2016).
  9. The Ticket will have no monetary value (as its zero fare) and is non-transferable.
  10. Once issued, Taxes are non-refundable.
  11. Tickets issued will be valid for travel for 3 months. (Both legs have to be completed within this time frame). No extensions will be provided.
  12. Passengers are requested to contact their nearest Safi Airways office to avail their tickets.
  13. Tickets issuance will be centralized Saffron Rewards coordinator (Dubai Head Office) only.
  14. A minimum of 1 week notice is required to issue ticket from the revenue & capacity control department/marketing department in Kabul for tracking purposes.
  15. Safi Airways Conditions of Carriage will apply.
  16. This offer cannot be combined with any other Safi Airways offer.
  17. Seats are subject to availability at the time of booking (limited seats will be allocated on each flight for this program).
  18. Passengers travelling on staff, ID & AD and reduced rate tickets (issued on other promotions) will not be entitled for this promotion.
  19. In the event the Saffron Rewards claimant happens to change date / no show / cancels, a $50 administrative charge will be applicable for rebooking which is non-refundable.

Redeem Your Free Tickets in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Visit any Safi Airways office worldwide.
  2. Fill-in redemption form.
  3. Submit the boarding passes.

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