Kabul, Afghanistan

Our main hub of operation Kabul sets a buzzing pace as the largest city and the capital of Afghanistan. The biggest tourist attraction is the old part of Kabul with its numerous bazaars located in the narrow streets. Popular sites to visit are the Kabul Museum built in 1920, which is home to the finest collection of old Afghan items and is one of the prime attractions of Central Asia, the tomb of Mughal Emperor Babur at Bagh-e Babur, Id Gah Mosque, the largest mosque in Kabul and Bala Hissar, a fortress that has stood on the site since the 5th century AD. Kabul lies in a basin of the Hindu Kush range, which means nearly every street scene in the city has a dramatic backdrop. Kabul today is a fascinating snapshot of the birth pangs of a new nation, and a city on the verge of change with new buildings, restaurants and shopping areas.

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