Message from The Chairman

Dear Partners, 
Safi Airways has come a long way in establishing its mark in the aviation industry of Afghanistan.  It has not been an easy task, taking into consideration what Afghanistan has gone through in recent decades. We have been resilient and have made good progress in the last six years in building a reputed airline and its infrastructure.
We believe in forward thinking, innovation and a constant want to achieve. We rely on our in-depth knowledge of the local market, and the ability to forecast and respond to customer expectations, which will lead us to high levels of customer satisfaction.
We currently operate a mixed fleet of modern Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Our employees have been patient and have gone the extra mile in building Safi Airways as a force to be reckoned with today, which we highly appreciate.
Safi Airways was established to fill the market gap for a safe, reliable commercial carrier to operate out of Kabul, Afghanistan.
We have plans in expanding our route network and putting ourselves on the global map. We operate a two cabin service, Business & Economy class. 
Our fleet expansion is in process. Two Airbus 319 – 200 aircraft have been inducted to our existing fleet of Airbus 320 and Boeing 757. The A319 aircraft are fitted to offer the very best in-flight comfort and style. The aircraft are environmentally-friendly and will provide the highest degree of operational flexibility along with passenger comfort. 
We have enhanced our catering service and our cabin crew has a stylish new look. Preparations are under way in providing our valued customers’ a new service standard and a pleasing ambiance on board our fleet of aircraft.
To ensure our continued success, we are in the process of enhancing our service portfolio to ensure we achieve service excellence in our day to day dealings with our customers. Our business vision is to implement human capital and state of the art technology so that our growing number of customers may enjoy services better than ever before at value-for-money pricing.
Soon we will be launching our customer rewards program, branded as “Saffron Rewards” which I believe will be a good incentive to our valued customers who travel with us frequently. We are an Afghan carrier and are doing our best to provide our clientele the best services with the limitations we face in our day to day operations.
I highly appreciate your choice in flying Safi Airways and supporting an Afghan carrier in growing to new heights.
We will strive to do our best with the resources available and be your worthy business partner in Afghanistan.
Yours Sincerely,
Gholam Hazrat Safi