Safi Airways offers exceptional cargo services 

  • The Airbus 320 provides 1/2.5 ton cargo capacity
  •  Boeing 767provides 8/10 ton cargo capacity
  •  Airport-to-airport services.
  •  The B767 allows for the uplift of heavy/ large cargo
  •  Client / Commodity base ex Dubai: Service & Retail Manufacturers (consumer goods/ electronics/ spare (repaired) parts/ etc.)
  •  Client/ Commodity base ex Kabul: Military and Sensitive Cargo (HUM’s/ service dogs/ etc.)
  •  Client/ Commodity base ex Delhi and Islamabad: Traders (local consumables – food stuffs/ etc.)
  •  Dedicated in-house loading & unloading supervision
  •  24/7 availability

For any cargo enquiries, please contact Safi Airways.

Cargo Service

Safi Airways provides 24/7 airport-to-airport cargo services on our schedule flights to Dubai, Delhi, Islamabad, Heart and Mazar e Sheriff.

Safi Airways will continue to enhance its cargo capability. It has acquired the IOSA certification and IATA membership and it’s committed to deliver a quality cargo product that supports the customers in Afghanistan, Middle East and the Indian Sub-Continent. Our current cargo capacity on the Airbus A319, A320, and Boeing B767, aircraft provides 4.5 & 14 tons respectively.


Cargo Service Line

  • General Cargo
  • Perishables
  • Personal Effects
  • Live Animals

For more information please contact our sales representative who visits your office or our local office.



For any cargo enquiries, please contact Safi Airways.